What we offer if, for example, ...


... you have to make decisions of a legal nature.

Even at the time of the founding of a company, we provide our clients with comprehensive advice. From the right choice of legal style (sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited company or joint stock company) and questions relating to commercial and tax laws, to problems with contracts and contractual terms and conditions, our clients receive expert attention with the aim of preventing conflicts and ensuring that the course of the company's business runs as smoothly as possible.


With this aim in mind, we also act for our company clients on all other legal matters, whether on issues relating to employment and social legislation, competition law and trademark and copyright laws, the buying and selling of companies, conversions and mergers and all those questions which arise in association with financing in terms of credit or leasing. Needless to say, we also draw up family and inheritance conditions for company succession, which are always aligned with individual company law provisions and the relevant tax regulations.


If conflicts cannot be prevented or settled out of court, we take the responsibility for the efficient, ongoing representation of the interests of our clients in court.


Finally, our activities extend to providing support and help for companies in a crisis, starting from sound advice on reorganization and extending to advice on questions relating to insolvency law.


Needless to say, in so doing, we take account of legal, business and tax aspects of every kind.


What we offer if, for example, ...


... you are looking for practical solutions to questions associated with leasing laws.

While, admittedly, we are not ourselves leasing practitioners, we provide training courses in leasing laws (in which we convey specialist knowledge in one of the teaching departments of our practice) which are attended by leasing companies.


In addition to conveying knowledge of the law specifically tailored for the leasing industry, we have had over twenty years of practice in the field of leasing law. On the basis of this knowledge and experience, we have acted for our clients at national and international levels alike.


We continuously advise well known leasing companies not only on individual questions relating to the completion of problematical contracts or in drawing up contracts for special types of lease, but also support them in negotiating refinancing contracts and represent them in court proceedings. Accordingly, our clients value, in particular, the solutions we devise, focusing on their individual needs, and our practice-based method of working.


Because of our long years of close contact with the leasing industry, we keep a current watch on developments in leasing schemes and, in so doing, identify the needs of our clients. In addition, due to the wide-ranging specialization of our attorneys and our work as a team, we always keep ourselves informed on aspects of the law relating to taxation and insolvency, which are frequently associated with leasing law issues, on behalf of our clients.


What we offer if, for example, ...


... you have a problem at work covered by the employment law.

For our clients, it goes without saying that we provide legal advice on the employment law. For example, we check the formulation and content of contracts of employment and draw up bargaining agreements or severance schemes which we even negotiate on site for them.

Similarly, we support our clients in asserting their interests when they are laid off and the consequences thereof from the standpoint of employment and social legislation.


What we offer if, for example, ...


... your marriage is in a state of crisis.

In a difficult situation characterized by crisis and separation, our clients have strong partners in our attorneys who specialize in family law and who not only stand at their side with advice but also represent their interests (and if necessary, those of their children) with considerable perceptiveness.


We offer legal advice on conflicts and separation from the standpoint of maintenance, divorce and parental care. We also (jointly with our clients) resolve all those problems which have to be resolved when a long‑term relationship falls apart. If at all possible, we accompany our clients on an amenable course of action, such as that offered by mediation. Failing this, we represent their interests with determination in the legal proceedings.


Prevention, however, is worth while even in matters of family law. While, admittedly, not very romantic, a prenuptial agreement affords security and clarity if the worst comes to the worst, and can prove decisive, for example, in maintaining a business after the divorce or in contributing to the prevention of individual court cases within the framework of the separation.


What we offer if, for example, ...


... you wish to make bequests or have become a beneficiary.

We advise our clients not only on questions of German inheritance law but also its international equivalent and support them in pointing out their rights and duties as a beneficiary or heir. In drawing up wills or testamentary contracts, it goes without saying that we do not confine ourselves to answering questions associated with the law of inheritance. Specialist attorneys and other experts are available to handle family and company law issues, such as taxation aspects, and to provide comprehensive advice on these matters.


What we offer if, for example, ...


... you have come into conflict with the law.

For advice and representation in criminal cases or infringements of the law, experienced defense attorneys are available to our clients who will represent their interests energetically and perceptively. In such instances, it is particularly important for us to start work at an early stage, so that we may construct an effective defense in the run‑up to a preliminary hearing.


What we offer if, for example, ...


... you have defaulting debtors.

Our autonomous debt collection department is available to our clients, which is headed up by an experienced member of staff who is highly qualified in the field of conducting claims and obtaining judgment orders for the recovery of debts.

By this means, we can offer our clients an effective, economical debt collection service. If an out‑of‑court settlement is not possible, it goes without saying that we pursue the claims through the courts.